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Gardelina sprayer
Model DVS 300 tractable
Honda GP 160 petrol engine
Pump with 3 YBS / UDOR membranes
Fiberglass pool 300 L
Drum with pressure hose with nipples
Side spray bars with 3 micro lances
1.Monitoring-GP 160, OHV Honda 5.5 CP.160 cm3, forced air cooler
2. YBS / UDOR pump with 3 membranes, maximum pressure 40 bar, maximum flow 28l / minute with 4 pressure stages and 2 valves
3. Side bars with 3 or 4 micro lances with a height of 2.4 m. The height of the spray bars is adjustable, the bars can also be used in a horizontal stop or oblique position.
4.Micro lances can be adjusted as spraying guidelines also the jet of each lance can be adjusted
5. The wheel axle can be elongated or narrowed from 100 cm to 140 cm
6. The equipment is equipped with pedal-operated transport and parking brakes
7. Dimensions: length 160 cm, width 100 cm, height 145 cm
8. The device is equipped with a suction filter in the tree pa and ststem By pass for stammering solution in the pool.
9.Optionally, a drum with a 25 / 50m hose roller with a spray lance can be mounted
10. Recommended to be towed by a cultivator with a minimum power of 9 hp petrol or 6 hp diesel, the same can be towed by ATV or tractor
Stopping one or both spray bars can be done by closing one or both valves
The pressure regulator with both valves is located behind the seat and is easy to control
The DVS 300 sprayer can be used in agricultural crops such as: fruit growing, vegetable growing, viticulture and floriculture.
Due to the high pressure and the adjustable jet, your device can be used both for spraying tall trees and in the sun.
The price does not include the cultivator in the image, the cultivator is the object of traction and is representative.