SC “Devax-Motors ” SRL

Capital social: 200 RON
Nr. de înregistrare: J23/1691/22.05.2016
C.U.I.: 34548335
Adresa: Jud. Ilfov, com. Bragadiru, Sos Alexandriei Nr.6A



The main activities of SC “Devax-Motors ” SRL are trading and manufacturing farm equipment. Our company is the only representative of VOLT electromotors in Romania.

We trade a wide range of products: motopumps with motors from HONDA, ANTOR, LOMBARDINI,  GARDELINA milking equipment, VOLT electromotors, generators, chippers, irrigation accessories, sprinklers, etc

In 2016 SC “Devax-Motors ” SRL, began PRODUCTION of the following equipment in Romania:

-       Milking equipment ,,GARDELINA''

equipment required on the Romanian market for both individual use as well as small farming facilities. We have a wide range of milking equipment based on the requirements of consumers. The milking equipment that we manufacture in Romania is unlike the imported one, having a better quality, new design and more affordable pricing.

-       Motopumps ,,DWP''

Equipment used in the land irrigation or for pumping water out of basins. We manufacture such equipment fitted with various power and technical characteristics, adequate for both personal and professional use. (irrigation of large surfaces, for construction, water supply for dwellings, etc).


-       Sprinklers,,DVS''

Sprinklers of various sizes and capacities, used for pulverizing solution, be it liquid, grained or powder. They are dubbed professional because of the material quality – fiberglass. Depending on the model of each product, they can be used in gardens, green houses, orchards, for sprinkling over extended surfaces, thanks to the adjustable nozzles. We manufacture various models adapted to the customers’ needs and requirements.