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No. of positions - 16
Component included
Self-washing system
Iron stalls (cold galvanized)
Milk transfer set (milk receiving unit): 1) milk detector level,
2) 1.1KW single phase transfer pump,
3) 5Lt glass collector front vessel,
4) 50L stainless steel collector front tank,
5) milk filter,
6) elbows and connection plugs 50mm connection,
7) electrical control panel
Milking group set with stainless steel mason glasses, 240CC collector body
Pneumatic pushbuttons 60/40
Single milk hose 14 * 24
Pulsation hose
Complete washing unit
50mm rubber elbows
40mm rubber elbows
50 mm rubber coupling
40 mm rubber coupling
Stainless steel flat milk inlet adapter
Hose support flanges
Flanges support the wall pipe
Pipe support flange (Long) wall
Bolt type U
Transfer pump connector
Its bolt clip (1/2 - 50)
Its bolt clip (1/2 - 40)
Its bolt clip (3/4 - 50)
50mm system plug
40 mm system plug
Vacuum group
1) Capacity 1200L / min.,
2) 90Lt vacuum tank,
3) 3 KW single phase electric motor.
The price includes the metal containment system, vacuum piping, pipes for the car wash system with supports.
The price includes transport
Assembly and commissioning cost 10% of the price of the hall.
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