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25,000 Lei
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Formular contact
No. of positions - 6 pcs
Collector body 240CC stainless steel glasses
3KW electric motor - 1500rpm typhoid
Oil vacuum pump 750L / min
Tank vacuum - 50L
Plastic vacuum pipe diam.
Stainless steel milk pipe diam
Stainless steel collector - 50L
Glass cup with stopper
Self-washing system with mason support
Automatic command and control panel
Built-in washing solution dish
Gardelina pneumatic pushbuttons
Vacuum meter for pressure monitoring
Air filter with pressure adjustment
Automated milk transfer pump
The Gardelina 1x6 milking machine is mounted on a mobile card with 2 mobile wheels, which can be easily handled in stables. The milk transfer hose can be extended to the cooling tank.
The milking machine can be equipped at the beneficiary's choice with either a three-phase motor or even a single-phase motor.
Optionally can be equipped with diesel engine. (with manual washing system and without transfer pump)