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Spray machineGardelina

Model DVS B100 Trailer

Gasoline engine   Briggs&Stratton 7  CP 

Diaphragm pump YBS

Fiber Glass Tank

Drum with High pressure hose

Inflatable big wheels


Briggs & Stratton   3600 RPM on  gasoline .

Diaphragm pump

YBS 30/40 cu 3 diaphragms, (can work even with out liquid)


Include: manometer, 2 output valves, pressure adjustment. Forced mixure position, when the valves are closed.

Liquid tank

100L Fiber glass, width 8mm, threaded cap + strainer, discharge valve, solution filter with check valve.

Drum and Hose

Rolling Drum with angled swivel , 25M high pressure hose with fixing kit, spray trigger gun with adjusment.

Frame and wheels

The frame has electrostatic painting, easy to move and handle. Front rotative wheel 250mm, rear fixed 400mm wheel.

Profesional daily usage machine!!!

DVS  Spray machines could be used by for spraying and dezinfection of all kind of liquid solutions in agricultural / farming / industrial areas.

Spray jet reach out maximum 15M under andgle of 90 degree. All the tall threes are reach till the top. Maximum spray pressure 40Bar. Maximum lenght of the hose 150M. (optional)

DVS 100 Trailer Ceramic has 2 steel bars in the beck side  with 3 CERAMIC nozzle on each bar. Spray bars could be adjusted on the high positions from bottom till 2.5M High. Maximum working pressure for Ceramic nozzles are 25 bar. Makes a powerful and soft Spraying.The beck bars could be used on vertical positions for grapes, blackberries or all kind of bushes. It could also be used on horizontal positions for vegetables / herbicides ...

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